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Choosing quality under the motto “All about quality-excellent services”, in its race for competitiveness, FORTZA RO Steel builds with devotion for its customers and partners, based on the care of the customer’s needs, pursues the continuous satisfaction of the customer, through -a diversity of products and services, flexible solutions, also helped by continuously developing technology. The Steel Division managed to crystallize a good team of professionals who, together with the qualified staff, make the works of fellow engineers come to life and make all the proposed projects come true quickly and economically in all stages of the projects.

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As a manufacturer of scaffolding, form work and accessories for construction, Fortza Ro, an Italiano-Romanian company with over 20 years of experience, has become a supplier of solutions for any project in the field of construction and steel processing industry, offering a range of services that fit perfectly within the projects carried out by clients.

From the beginning of its operation (2017) until today, the Fortza Ro STEEL Division values its experience in the field of metal processing and constructions, succeeding in time to respond to challenges both locally and world wide.

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25 years of experiences for give you better results

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Maria MiaMaria Mia
11:53 25 May 22
Petru Florin DanilaPetru Florin Danila
06:37 15 Apr 22
Warehouse of materials and professional tools for construction. You can rent/buy just about everything you need…including a tower crane.
Nicolae CiparNicolae Cipar
11:14 10 Jan 20
They are mostly found for construction, of good quality, also very good services.
A High Quality Industrial Services